Wind 2 is a specialist onshore wind energy developer. The founders of Wind 2 together with the Wind 2 team have a substantial track record in the successful development of onshore wind throughout the UK, being responsible for the delivery of approximately 1GW of renewable energy through their involvement with RDC Partners and West Coast Energy, sold to ENGIE in 2014. Wind 2 is working on the development of a number of subsidy free renewable energy projects in the UK and has staff based in Edinburgh, Mold-North Wales, Perth and the Highlands.

Onshore wind farms are now amongst the lowest cost forms of electricity generation of any kind, and they are the single biggest source of renewable power. They promote reliable, efficient sustainable alternative energy and are one of the largest contributors to cutting the UK emissions. Onshore wind will have a fundamental role in the UK achieving the target of net zero emissions by 2050.