Published: 21.07.2023

Wind2 in partnership in Wales with Octopus Energy Generation, Sponsors Meirion Owen and Showcases Renewable Energy at Royal Welsh Agricultural Show

Wind2, in partnership in Wales with Octopus Energy Generation, are excited to announce the sponsorship of Meirion Owen and the Quack Pack, a renowned sheep dog handler at the upcoming Royal Welsh Agricultural Show.

This prestigious event celebrates the vibrant agricultural community while providing an excellent platform for us to showcase our commitment to renewable energy. We invite visitors to join us at stand 868-CCA for an exciting hands-on activity where they can create their very own Wind2 wind turbine and be a part of the renewable energy revolution!

Engage and Educate

At Wind2, we believe in inspiring young minds and fostering a deep understanding of renewable energy. Our stand at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show will be a hub of creativity and learning, where children can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of wind power. They will have the opportunity to build a miniature wind turbine, gaining hands-on experience and practical understanding of how wind can be converted into clean, sustainable energy.

Fun for All

Visitors can marvel at the amazing skills of Meirion and his border collies in the main showground. Meirion, a farmer born and bred, has made numerous television appearances showcasing his traditional sheep dogs. During his display, he will demonstrate the skills needed to be a working sheepdog and share insights on training puppies!

In addition, Arts & Business Cymru and Art Connection's Geraint Edwards, a Welsh-based visual artist, will be in attendance, providing children with all the necessary sustainable materials and tools to construct their very own working mini wind turbine. This hands-on experience will not only unleash their creativity but also educate them about the importance of renewable energy.

Promoting Sustainability

Wind2's presence at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable practices and the role that renewable energy plays in combating climate change. By engaging with children and their families, we aim to create a lasting impression and inspire a generation that actively contributes to a greener future.

Visit Our Stand

Don't miss the chance to visit the Wind2 stand, 868-CCA, at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show. Encourage your children to get involved, explore renewable energy, and build their own wind turbine. Together, we can make a difference and accelerate the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.

See you at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show!