Published: 14.06.2023

Gaining Valuable Experience in the Renewable Energy Industry: A Work Placement at Wind2

Wind2 welcomed Beth, a Geography and Natural Hazard Management student at The University of Chester, for a five-week work placement.

The team at Wind2 knows the importance of encouraging new talent into the renewable industry and, as such, recently welcomed Beth, a second-year Geography and Natural Hazard Management student at The University of Chester, for a five-week work placement.

Joining Wind2, a specialist renewable energy developer, Beth was able to immerse herself in the dynamic industry whilst learning valuable skills and gaining first-hand experience.

Reflecting on Beth’s experience with Wind2

When asked about her highlights, Beth stated, “My main mentors during my placement have been Chris Thomas, Technical and Development Director, and Lucy Taylor, Assistant and Technical Project Manager. Lucy did the same degree as I am currently doing, during which she also completed a work placement with a renewables company. Having someone with relevant life experiences helped me make the most of my time with the business. Chris has been a great support, giving me feedback and helping me figure out anything I was confused about. The whole team has been happy to help me in any way they could, which made me feel at ease.”

Beth continued, “I encountered numerous highlights; however, the one that stands out is the site visit to Cumberhead wind farm. Witnessing the enormity of the turbines up close blew my mind a little! In addition, it was great to meet my Scottish office colleagues in person as I was based in the Mold office in North Wales.”

Reflecting on her time with Wind2, Beth said, “I faced learning curves throughout my placement, particularly with Geographic Information System (GIS) software. Wind2 uses QGIS, which differs from the ArcGIS software we use at university. Learning the new software was challenging initially, but with determination and guidance from my mentors, I now feel more confident when using it.”

Chris Thomas praised Beth for how she integrated into the team and for her work ethic, commenting, “Beth has been a genuine asset to Wind2 during her five-week placement. As a result of Beth’s excellent work, we’ve offered her a part-time role during the summer, which we are very pleased that Beth has happily accepted.”

Beth’s advice for students considering a work placement

For students considering a work placement, Beth’s advice is simple, “Say yes to as much as you can - that's how you get opportunities and experiences that will help your CV stand out in the future. If you aren't sure about something, say 'Yes, I will give it a go,' and if you need a bit of help, that's fine - no one's expecting you to be an expert!”

When asked about her time with Wind2, Beth said that it has prompted her to seriously consider a career in the renewables industry. Beth concluded, “I would like to thank the team at Wind2 for all their help and support. While I’m still considering my options regarding life post-university, the experience I gained during this placement has opened my eyes to the vast opportunities and fulfilling prospects within the renewables industry and I’m looking forward my role with Wind2 during the summer.”

If you are interested in a work placement at Wind2, please send your CV with a supporting letter to Sally Jones.

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